11 Dec 11 at 8 pm

Home Sweet Home !

Home Sweet Home !
05 Dec 11 at 2 am

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05 Dec 11 at 1 am

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05 Dec 11 at 1 am

What happened to forever and a day,

what happened to our love won’t fade away.

What happened to i promise you forever

What happened to we’ll make it through this weather.

What happened to forever’s not enough

What happened to we’ll make it when it’s tough.

What happenned to the promises u made me

What happenned to i’ll always love you baby.

What happened to I’ll never ever leave you

what happened to no one will come between us.

What happened to those days that will never pass us by,

what happenned to one day being your guy.

what happenned to dont ever let me go

just love me babe, together we will grow.

What happened to the promise ring I gave you

im sitting here wondering if you felt the same way too.

I won’t regret the days we spent together,

but tell me love what happenned to forever.